Hard Drive Tools

Copy/Clone Tools

Defrag Tools

Partition Tools

Other Hard Drive Tools

  • Active@ Hard Drive Monitor– A Free Disk Monitoring and Scanning Program.
  • Bonnie++– A “suite” of hard drive tools, including zcav performance tests.
  • Crystal Disk Info – Nice free program for checking health of hard drives.
  • Darik’s Boot & Nuke – Securely deletes hard drive data on most drives.
  • H2Bench – Gets accurate data for read and write performance across the surface area of an empty, unpartitioned disk.
  • HDDerase – Erase your data on your hard drive like no other tool can.
  • HDD Health – Monitors the health of your hard drive.
  • HDTune– Checks hard drive for errors, SMART status, and Temperature.
  • MHDD– Most popular freeware program for low- level HDD diagnostics.
  • SeaTools– Seagate’s Hard Drive Tools.
  • Secure Erase – Erases all data (even the bad blocks) on a hard drive.
  • TestDisk– This program fixes hard drive problems, no installation necessary.
  • Various HD Utilities– A List of downloadable diagnostic programs and utilities from different manufacturers.