Security / Hacking

Security / Hacking Tools

  • Asterisk Key – Reveal passwords under the asterisks.
  • Cain and Abel – Get other Users Passwords from within Windows.
  • Ettercap– A suite for man in the middle attacks on LANs.
  • – Archive of Forensic Analysis Tools.
  • JohnTheRipper – a fast password cracker for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS.
  • MyKeyFinder – Retrieves your serial numbers on your Windows system.
  • Ophcrack – My favorite Windows Password Cracking Tool. Comes as a boot CD.
  • Prey – This security tool tries to contact you when your laptop is stolen.
  • Top 100 – Listing of top 100 security tools.
  • WirelessKeyView – Retrieve all wireless network keys stored in your computer.