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Unfortunately they have all found homes.

I had created a personal web page for each of the puppies. You can find them by clicking the picture below.

Individual Pictures
Individual Puppies Pictures

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Just Born 2 Days Old Individual Pictures

Just Born--------------------2 Days Old--------------------8-12 Days Old

This here is Pepper, our "Old Lady".
She's a beautiful dog, pretty well behaved, although she has much more energy than we do.
Click on her picture to see a few pictures of her full size.

This here is Salt, he was born on September 3rd, 2006, and came to our family on November 16th, 2006.
As you can see, he was just a little tyke.
In one of his pictures you can see that already he was already as big or bigger than the family shih-tzu's.
You can see more pictures of him as a pup by clicking on this picture of him.

This here is a few pictures of Salt and Pepper together, shortly after we got Salt.
Pepper was alot bigger than him then but that didn't last long.

Here you can find some pictures taken around christmas time of 2006.
Pepper was still bigger than him then, but he caught up.

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